5 Hidden Mysteries OF Human Body You Don’t Know About

Academics and biologist have come across a long way to unravel the mysteries of the human body. But there are some questions that are still unanswered. These mysteries are something that nobody can understand to its full extent, but many people are researching and exploring it. Though people always propose different theories in order to satisfy the logic but still, the curiosity remains alive. Let’s take a look at some of these unsolvable mysteries.

Motor Functions of Our Dominant Hand

Human anatomy is all about balance, however, our hands do not function on this phenomena. Both of our hands are not equally efficient. People are often right-handed and their right hands perform most of the movement. Those who are not, use their left hand better. But there are an extremely limited amount of people in the world who can use their both hands with equal efficiency. To know more about motor functions of our hand, read ‘Principles of Anatomy 14th edition by Gerard J Tortora.

The Existence of a Virus in Human Body

The human body itself is a home of many other living creatures. Yes, hundreds and thousands of bacteria and microbes live inside us. Their main source in the human body is viruses which are almost unexplainable. These viruses and microbes are in so much amount that they literally contribute to every human body’s weight. Astounding right?

Finger Prints, Why do they Exist?

The existence of fingerprints on our fingers and toes is a great mystery. Nobody, until now has been able to explain it. Again there are some theories that can be considered like they improve our grip or they protect us from blisters but none is scientifically proven. Another theory is that it increases our sensitivity but that can hardly be the only reason we have them. What is terrific is that every human being has different patterns of fingerprints which are used for the purpose of identity!

Why do We Yawn?

This is one of the biggest questions out there. Although there are multiple theories to explain yawning. However, nothing has been proved to be exact so far on a scientific level. Some say that it is our body’s way to save our brain from suffocation as it’s temperature varies while sleeping or at the time of boredom. But again, it’s just a theory. There is no proof to prove the idea.

Different Blood Types

Have you ever wondered, what causes us to have different blood types? Yes? High five! Because scientist has been wondering about it for years. They have for sure gradually evolved with the human evaluation yet their existence is still a mystery.

If you are interested in human anatomy and its fundamentals, grab your copy of by Gerard J Tortora and dive in the mysteries of human anatomy.