Four Things You Would Be Surprised to Know About America

America is a country known for its freedom and success. Maybe that is why so many people refer it to the land of opportunities. Of course, we all want to visit at least once in our lifetime. But if we can’t make it there, we always have books and the internet through which we can know all about America. Although a good book like ‘Give me liberty: An American History 5th Edition’ can tell you everything in detail. The book is masterpiece enclosed with a great historical record.

But for the starters, we have some interesting facts about America for you! Go check it out!

Your Gps system is Controlled by Americans!

Gps has become a necessity of the time. Something we all use and are habitual to. But do you know that the entire system of Gps around the whole world is controlled by the USA? That means the USA can monitor our positions all the time. But what is more interesting, is that the USA can turn off the GPS andy time they want. Scary isn’t it?

The flag od USA was designed by a 17-year-old boy

Americans take great pride in their flag. And of course, it looks great. The combination of colors plus the stars is attractive yet dignified. But do you know that this startling design of America’s flag was given by a seventeen-year-old young man? His name was Robert G Heft. The irony is that he designed this flag for a school project and was not very much appreciated. He received a B grade from his teacher. But later this flag was accepted by the Congress as the national flag of America. And after that, even his teacher changed his mind and gave him an A.

Alaska was not always the part of America

Alaska is known to be a frozen beauty. Higher mountains, chilly winds and a lot of natural beauty, Alaska is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. But do you know that Alaska was not always the part of American boundaries? It basically belonged to Russia. And in 1827 America bought it from them in just 100 million dollars. Considering the huge area of Alaska, that is nothing.

American Presidents Do not Posses Much Power

Although a great show of power is projected when someone is elected as a president of America. But it may be disappointing to you. That American constitution does not leave much power in the president’s hands. The president, for example, can not set the tax rates or even declare war. To assure anything to happen, the president first needs the approval of Congress and their line of action. Seems like a strong democracy!

So these were some surprising facts about the dream country, America! To know further in detail, get your copy of Give me liberty: An American History 5th Edition today!