What’s annoying is that leaks can occur at the most inconvenient times

As a homeowner, you must have had several experiences that you may have not given much thought about not until you get an unusual spike in your monthly water bill. At this point, you wonder why the bill (high) doesn’t correlate with water consumption (low) for the month. Then you get tipped: oh, water leak. Don’t feel bad; undetected pipe leak is a common experience for every homeowner.
What’s annoying is that leaks can occur at the most inconvenient times, in most cases, you are unable to locate the source of the problem. There are different types of pipe leak but underground pipe leak can be difficult to detect. Sometimes the only solution is calling professional plumbers who can do the job properly and efficiently.

Thankfully, you can find professionals in Melbourne that can fulfill emergency leak repairing requests. They can find and fix the root cause behind any kind of leakage. In such cases, people understand the importance of emergency leak identification and repair services.
Leak Detectors specializes in water leak problems and can be your best option. When it comes to underground water leak detector, Leak Detectors uses different methods to detect leakage – whatever the source. One of the most common is the use of thermal imaging and infrared technology. This strategy uses an infrared imaging camera to take close pictures of the pipes before analyzing the image with another device. The image analyzing device helps our experts to spot leaks from the pipes. Leak Detectors utilizes this approach because it is fast, accurate, and reliable.

Our trained staff uses innovative approaches such as acoustic, non-destructive methods to listen for noise in pressurized pipes or non-racer gas such as helium or carbon dioxide which we insert into your pipelines to locate the leak. For water leak detection, we use loss analysis with correlation equipment to locate leaks on water mains and fire services. If you observe a leak on your property, your best bet is to book our underground water leak detection Melbourne services at the earliest possible time.

Below are lists of water leak detection solutions we offer to customers across Melbourne.

1. Consultancy and site advice
2. Investigation service
3. Recommended scope of works, associated report, and images
4. Repairs (waterproofing, pipe replacement, restoration actions and repair work, and reinstatement)
Leak Detectors can help homes and businesses to locate issues in a range of areas including:
1. Concealed in walls
2. Under concrete slabs
3. Under Bitumen roads
4. Planter boxes
5. Irrigation and sprinkler systems
6. Water features
7. Drain, waste, and sewer systems
8. Hydronic heating systems
9. Balconies and walkways
10. Facades and parapet walls
11. Pools and spas
12. Windows and associated facade joints
13. Building cavities or ducts
14. Decking

If you should spot any pipe leakage, it is time to call in our underground water leak detection experts so we can pinpoint the exact location for you. Leak Detectors will respond to enquiries quickly and immediately schedule a visit to your house or business.